Rhetorical Analysis Files

Tone/Diction/Devices Packet


Analysis Samples for Device,Diction, Tone


Rhetorical Devices Powerpoint

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MCAS Links

Tutorial: https://ma.testnav.com/client/index.html#login?username=LGN046141535&password=2BLSVJLA

Practice test: https://ma.testnav.com/client/index.html#login?username=LGN478841325&password=DBJZ8RS7

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Concussion Articles

 “Concussion: More than Getting Your Bell Rung” Commonlit.org

“Concussion Prescription: A Year on the Bench for Youngsters?” Commonlit.org

“Many Hits, Rather than a Big One, Pose Greatest Concussion Risk” Commonlit.org






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Resources for Cyberbullying Outline


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St. John’s Prep – Committee Assignments and Briefing Papers

Country Assignments

Briefing papers available here

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Banneker Student Sample

Sample for editing

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Scholar Paragraph for editing

Access the file here

Share Google Doc w/ oconnort@kingphilip.org

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Kite Runner Background Links

Photojournalism: New York Times Lens

Personal Interview: Khaled Hosseini – “My Immigration Story”

Informational Video: In a Nutshell – The European Refugee Crisis (Stop at 5:31)

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AP Language Sign-up codes

Period C: MRDE3M

Period E: Z27VGN

Period G: J6G2ZY

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Welcome Back!

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a fun and restful summer. As we begin the year, I’d suggest familiarizing yourself with this page. I’ll continue to update it over the course of the year with course materials and important tidbits. The links at the top should be pretty self-explanatory, but for a brief overview:

  • The Course Materials links contain all of the assignments, notes, and resources for your class, sorted by unit.
  • The Calendars link has the monthly calendars for each period.
  • Resources has links to a number of sites that we’ll be using all year, including Turnitin, Google Docs, and the Purdue Online Writing Lab.
  • The Contact page has my email, phone number, and links to your course syllabus.

Take a look around and let me know if you have any questions. I’m looking forward to a great year!

-Mr. O’Connor

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